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Message par iLUVdram@ le Mer 17 Oct 2007 - 14:32

C'est la chanson thème de Tokyo-Tower 2007 le drama! J'adore le drama et je trouve cette chanson magnifique! Je cherche les paroles et je vous les poste! pleure

Edit: je trouve le clip super émouvant aussi!! Ces ombres chinoises, ce garçon à vélo bref!! j'ai le coeur qui se serre de bonheur!

Les paroles maintenant!

Kobukuro - Tsubomi

Namida koboshitemo, ase ni mamireta egao no naka ja.

Daremo kizuite wa kurenai
dakara anata no namida wo boku wa shiranai.

Tayasu koto naku, boku no kokoro ni, toosareteita
yasashii akari wa anata ga kureta riyûna ki ai no akashi.

Yawarakana hi damari ga tsutsumu senaka ni potsuri hanashikakenagara.

Itsuka konna hi ga kuru koto mo
kitto kitto kitto wakatteta hazu na noni.

Kiesôni, sakisôna, tsubomi ga kotoshi mo boku wo matteru.
tenohira ja, tsukamenai kaze ni tooru hanabira.
tachitomaru ni kata ni hirari
jôzu ni nosete waratte miseta anta wo omoide su hitori.

Chiri kiwa ni, mô ichido, hiraku hanabira wa, anata no yôni, kikoenai, ganbare wo, nigiita ryote ni nandomo kureta.

Kiesôni, sakisôna, tsubomi ga kotoshi mo boku wo matteru.

Ima mo mada, tsukamenai anata to egaita yume
tachitomaru boku no soba de
yasashii hiraku egao no yôna tsubomi wo sagashiteru, sora ni.

Et voici avec les kanjis et la traduction en anglais! Dès que j'ai un peu de temps je vous la mets en français!!

コブクロ - 蕾
Kobukuro - Flower Bud

涙 こぼしても 汗にまみれた笑顔の中じゃ
だから あなたの涙を僕は知らない
just like crying, in the middle of a smile smeared with perspiration
no one can be recognised
thats why i don’t know about your tears

絶やす事無く 僕の心に 灯されていた
優しい明かりは あなたがくれた 理由なき愛のあかし
its still burning, lighting up my heart
i recieved from you the tender light, proof of unconditional love

柔らかな日だまりが包む 背中に ポツリ 話しかけながら
きっと きっと きっと わかってたはずなのに
while being enveloped by the gentle spot under the sun, i whisper into your back
even if a day like this comes again
surely, surely, surely, you would be able to understand

消えそうに 咲きそうな 蕾が 今年も僕を待ってる
掌じゃ 掴めない 風に踊る花びら
上手に乗せて 笑って見せた あなたを思い出す 一人
vanishing and blooming, this year too the flower bud is waiting for me
the petal dancing in the wind that my palm can’t grasp
stops on the shoulder lightly
skillfully riding it and showing a smile, i remember you by myself

ビルの谷間に 埋もれた夢も いつか芽吹いて
花を咲かすだろう 信じた夢は 咲く場所を選ばない
in the valley of buildings, sometimes buried dreams bud too
isn’t that what makes flowers bloom? you can’t choose where your dreams will blossom

僕等この街に落とされた影法師 みんな 光を探して
きっと きっと きっと 追い越せる日が来るさ
the silhouettes we dropped on this town, they’re all looking for the light
even as time overlaps and flows over itself
surely, surely, surely the day we grow out of this will come

風のない 線路道 五月の美空は 青く寂しく
動かない ちぎれ雲 いつまでも浮かべてた
どこにも もう戻れない
僕のようだと ささやく風に キラリ舞い落ちてく 涙
on the breezeless track, the beautiful sky of may feels blue and lonely
the motionless scattered clouds will always be floating
there is no place i can return to anymore
this is the way i am, in the whispering wind it dances to the ground with a flash, my tears

散り際に もう一度 開く花びらは あなたのように
聴こえない 頑張れを 握った両手に 何度もくれた
almost scattering, the re-opening petals are like you
giving time and again to these hands that grasp at the silent encouragements

消えそうに 咲きそうな 蕾が 今年も僕を待ってる
今もまだ 掴めない あなたと描いた夢
立ち止まる 僕のそばで
優しく開く 笑顔のような 蕾を探してる 空に
vanishing and blooming, this year too the flower bud is waiting for me
even now i still can’t catch the dreams you painted
stopping right beside me
opening gracefully just like a smile, i keep looking for the flower bud, in the sky
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